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Yellow. Not Yellow, Gold. Seriously, it’s Yellow.

photo by malalena

I have problems with yellow and orange. Always have. The same way my daughter dislikes the numbers 8 and 9 because “they’re just creepy,” I have probelms with yellow and orange. It makes no sense. I like sunflowers and daisies and they are most certainly sunny shades, and I even painted my walls a creamy gold (NOT YELLOW) shade. But yellow creeps me out for some reason. I think I know why I don’t like orange.

Once I had a horrible seizure as a child and, because of synesthesia, the seizure became “orange”. I’ve written a bit about Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, but basically it’s related to synesthesia, where the brain processes sight, sound, taste and other senses differently, sometimes overlapping them or putting one where it typically shouldn’t be. When I had seizures, they were sometimes “yellow” and, as I said, the worst was “orange”. Orange, to me, is especially associated with pain.

I like gold, though. It’s sort of orangey-yellowy, isn’t it? I dunno.

Tell me.



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