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Yahoo! Company Store, Hang Tight

Dear Yahoo! Company Store:

I love your goods, honestly. However, the size 9.5 sneakers are calling to me, and I have to wait a bit longer until I can order them (because of the PayPal issue — since you only take credit cards, I had to apply, and it takes a certain number of business days for these things to go through). I promise you, though, I’m getting them.

I’m also getting a purple polo shirt (so alliterative!). I’m harboring a secret longing to see your logo displayed in sage green, because that works for me really well. Alas, I don’t make these decisions, which is probably a good idea, because I have a terrible time coordingating outfits.

Kim, Who Wants To Pay for Yahoo! Logos on Her Clothing

PS — Thank you for having a company name that begins with “Y” — this A-Z blogging challenge is hard enough already!


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