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WalMart Launches Cosmetics Line for ‘Tweens

On Febrary 25, Walmart released Geo-Girl, a new cosmetics line aimed at girls 9-to12-years of age. The line includes mascaras, eye shadows, blush, cleansers and lipsticks — and Walmart maintains that it’s all about giving tweens healthy alternatives to other products. The line will fill the void left by the Mary-Kate and Ashley cosmetics line, which suffered a marked enough sales loss that execs consider Geo-Girl a good replacement option that offers young girls the opportunity to learn about beauty in eco-friendly, responsible ways.

Critics argue that encouraging the use of cosmetics, especially by children in this age group, promotes the idea that it is important and desirable to enhance physical beauty, even as pre-teens.

Others consider the products a responsible means to encourage young girls to take care of themselves and practice good personal hygiene.

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