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Viking River Cruise Reflections

It’s been about two weeks since our most recent Viking River Cruise. This time, we chose the Grand European Tour. Having taken two river cruises almost a year apart to the date, I think I’m in a good position to discuss them, and will put together a few posts about the following issues: how to pack for a river cruise in April, what to expect at mealtimes, and traveling on a Viking River Cruise if you have a disability or mobility issues.

One subject I wanted to broach was the difference between two cruises with similar itineraries, and how much difference a year can make… we had the same room on a different ship, and both cruises were taken in early April, but both left me with distinctly singular experiences. Most — but not all — of it was positive.


I’m making up a list of topics I researched prior to both cruises, and this should provide a good basis for comparison.

Between the two trips, I took thousands of photos and made notes about some of the more interesting locales and tours, but I’m going to focus on what you’ll need to know about your cruise, and about what the brochures won’t tell you.

I’m headed back to the Danube for a Christmas markets tour this December with my mother. I will no doubt have much to write about soon thereafter.

Is there anything you’d like to know about the process of booking a Viking River Cruise in Europe? Let me know in the comments.


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