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Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas Coffee… 365 Days a Year

Back in the early 90s, when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was a newly-minted college student, I used to buy coffee a the mall from Barnie’s Coffee and Tea.  They sold hot coffee and tea, and also bulk coffee and fifty bazillion varieties of both loose and bagged tea.  They also brewed iced coffee and a killer hot toddy, which had no alcohol in it (I didn’t drink, so it wasn’t an issue).  I dated a guy who worked there, which provided additional incentive to browse.

But more than the silly boyfriend or delicious smell that drew me in, they offered a seasonal coffee variety that used to knock my socks off:  Santa’s White Christmas, which not only tastes like heaven, but makes the whole kitchen smell amazing when it’s brewed.

And, because life is wonderful, and lousy boyfriends cannot destroy the happiest memories of my misspent youth, I can tell you that this delightful Elixir of Ultimate Happiness is now sold year-round.  In fact, at our local Publix supermarket, they sell it ground and in K-cup varieties.

And it is on sale, right now, for about half-price.  Oh, Publix, how I love thee.

The Precioussss

It’s like crack, only awesome and street-legal. And, unlike crack, you can serve it to your mother without, you know, going to hell.

Okay, so, it’s got the words “Santa” and “Christmas” in it.  Just, let that go if your knickers twist up into a wad over that.  I happen to be one of those folks who firmly believes that Christmas and Halloween are the two main reason for calendars, and I’d gladly fly my holiday freak flag (literally – both house- and garden-sized varieties in abundance for both holidays, and for the seasons in general) for months before the Big Days themselves, just on principle.  But I digress.

Santa’s White Christmas coffee is like crack in a cup, only better.  For one, it’s street legal, and, while I cannot tell you it won’t become an addiction, I’m way more likely to snort the coffee grounds than use crack.  Seriously, it’s that good.  And crack is, well, decidedly not.

I think I had two cups before I even went grocery shopping.  I left with four bags of coffee and six boxes of K-cups, because you just never know when the Zombie Apocalypse may happen and it’s best to be prepared.

Going to kick back now with my brew.  It’s beginning to look a lot like, well not Christmas, certainly, since Central Florida in August is kind of like an enormous sauna with lightning… but it is suddenly feeling a lot more cozy in here.  In a good way.


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