I’m a mom of three, a military wife, and a stay at home mom.  I’m so down with all of that.  I’m also a freelance writer, a former English teacher, and a soon-to-be published author.  I’m a crafter, a voracious reader, and a lover of all things beautiful.  I own way too many books and craft supplies than I will ever be able to consume, and don’t care a bit.  Collecting them is part of the fun.

I am never, ever bored.

I am immensely blessed.


One response to “About

  1. This is actually a comment from the beginning. I FINALLY figured out how to put the marvelous skull you gave up on the site (pirate knitting). Please see if you like it. I absolutely LOVE IT and it will be there a long time.

    Sorry I didn’t put it up before, but I am beyond tech stupid and I just started learning blogging.
    I love yours too, now that I’m finally here and want to follow if I can figure out how.

    Pirate Knitting

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