**NOT Participating in Blog Hop**

I think I’m on a blog hop list somewhere, but that’s an odd thing — it’s news to me. Probably an old list that’s making the rounds.

I’ve been getting lots of traffic here in the past couple of hours… which is odd, as I haven’t done any bloggish promotion for years. I just don’t have time to maintain the blog with any regularity and, as such, it sort of sits here. It’s all over the place, kind of an online journal. It’s not monetized, and that’s simply because I’m too scattered to focus on any one topic enough to make anything of it.

That being said, I wish luck and success to everyone doing whatever the hop of the moment is. I don’t think anyone’s indicated in their comments how they found the blog, but I’m still plugging through them.

Again, wishing luck to those who are doing the thing right and well, and a plague of digital locusts on those who are using whatever lists are out there to spam unsuspecting, unwary bloggers. 😉


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