Can I Get an Amen? *Fangirl Squee*

Yep.  It was an awesome Game of Thrones season finale.  Indeed, we viewed both cringe-worthy and cheer-worthy scenes.  I even needed a tissue at one point to blot tears.  Teeny tiny ones.  But a girl threw her fist in the air with a triumphant, “YES!” as Sam Tarly walked into the Citadel library.giphy

I felt an urge to be standing RIGHT THERE, inhaling the scents of parchment, leather, and polished rosewood (or the Westerosi/Essos equivalent).  All the books.  All the parchment.  Pfft.  Never mind that women aren’t admitted into the inner sanctum.  A homegirl could make it work.

And then they panned across the ceiling and I got to see the light fixtures…

*crickets chirping*

What?  Am I the only person out of the many GoT fans on my friends list on Facebook who did not catch them?

armillary-spheres-game-of-thrones-citadel-library-opening-credits (1)

They are the spinny metal engraved discs that spin and illuminate and transition through the opening sequence of the show!  THOSE THINGS.  They are hanging from the ceiling in the Citadel.

We’ve been watching them burn their images into our greedy little retinas for years now.


THOSE discs.  Right.  Got it.  HOW FREAKING COOL!!  They’ve been there all this time, and they show up in the LIBRARY!

What a library, though. *love*


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