Shapes — The Gym I’m Supposed to Be Attending

I joined Shapes right after I turned 40 because I wanted to make a change in my waistline and my lifestyle. My husband had been deployed for almost a year and came back the day before, and I vowed that I would stick with a routine until I got results.

That was months ago. I haven’t been there since last November.

Here’s the weird thing: a month into the regular trips to the gym, I had a weigh-in and body measure. According to their stats (and I had 3 different people do them, just to be sure, over a 2-week period), I had actually gained weight, gained inches, and become overall just a larger person.

I was SO not happy with this.

So I lost my excitement and enthusiasm. I changed my diet a little, but I pretty much stopped working out. And for some strange, unfathomable reason, I lost weight. No idea how that works out.

I have to decide whether I’m going to renew my gym membership and try something different or just let it expire. It’s a tough one. I’m not really sure what to do. Shapes has called a few times, asking when I’m coming back. I avoid the phone.

What do you think?



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2 responses to “Shapes — The Gym I’m Supposed to Be Attending

  1. I’m 49. Over the course of my 40’s (and especially after 45), my body shape changed dramatically (cue the spooky music…). I’m thick-waisted now, have thighs that would be better suited to a cherubic toddler, and the girls are definitely headed south. I hate the scale because I’m sure that it is a filthy liar. That number cannot possibly be right.

    All that being said, I say that you should do what works for you. Play. Have fun. Take a little time away from your responsibilities and dance, sing out loud, and be a goofball. That stuff makes you happier, healthier, and I believe, skinnier, too. I’m doing that now, and I’m positive that it is heading me in the right direction.

  2. EveryBODY is different. For instance, my mom ate well–her cholesterol shot up thru the roof. My dad? He ate eggs, bacon, fatty foods up the Wazzu . . . had low cholesterol. Go figure. (Ha! I wish my figure would go . . . up).