Underdog — The Superhero Who Spoke in Rhyming Couplets

“There’s no need to fear / Underdog is here!”

If you remember these lines, you’ll remember Underdog, the diminutive flying cartoon pooch in the Rocky and Bullwinkle series who used to fight Bad Guys.  I hated him because he was the simpering and much too soft-spoken Shoeshine Boy who had a crush on Polly Purebred, who seemed to always become the victim of a scheme by Riff Raff.  Lots of dog puns abounded.  I loved him because he said EVERYTHING in rhyming couplets in his Superhero alter-ego state.

He was a pretty good hero.  He used poetic license to solve crimes and make witty retorts. 

You have to love an Underdog who becomes the Alpha Dog.



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4 responses to “Underdog — The Superhero Who Spoke in Rhyming Couplets

  1. Loved this cartoon too 🙂 thanks for the reminder

  2. I was that weird kids who never liked cartoons…or sugary cereal. I guess I really didn’t do Saturday mornings right! ;O)

  3. I remember the character but not the way he spoke. I did like Dr. Seuss though. My brother and sister and I used to talk in rhymes sometimes, it was great fun and we laughed when we were done.

  4. I was never a big cartoon fan, but I did love Underdog. I was absolutely thrilled when they filmed the Disney movie of it right here in Providence right near my office. I was saddened that the movie was sort of a flop, but I still love underdog.