XM Radio? Not Sure. It Depends.

When my husband bought his new car shortly before he deployed last year, it was the object of much admiration and longing by yours truly, not because of its perfect paint job (until the kid next door scratched it up), or its useful and perfectly proportioned cup holders (I take it back: I wanted his cup holders — hot coffee in the lap is no fun), but because it came with XM radio.

The radio in our aging minivan doesn’t work very well most of the time, and when it does, we don’t have much to brag about as far as musical offerings go in my neck of the woods. I mostly listen to eighties music, country music and Spirit FM, a modern Christian music station. Don’t judge — that’s how I roll. I digress.

The few times I borrowed his car for trips around town, I fell in love with the innumerable stations. I don’t listen to most of what it provides, but the thing is loaded and armed for bear. Book readings, Margaritaville, talk, comedy, and, yes, eighties music, and not the stupid bubblegum variety: this was choice stuff, from back in the Must Wear Black stage in my life.


I’d love to get XM radio on my next car. Given the cost of anything automotive these days, I’d have to give up something else, though. What would it be? That’s a tough one. I don’t get manicures and I color my own hair, so that’s not an option. What about my gourmet coffee? Ugh. Don’t know if I’d be willing to make the trade…

At any rate, I’ve got my eye on the XM package next time we’re ready for a car, which will be in about 2 or 3 years. I’m keeping my eye on their channels until then.



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  1. I’d LOVE XM radio in the car. Hey I’d love A car. hahaha.. Hopefully soon. Luckily, in Philadelphia, you don’t really need a car to get around. Great X post.. I was wondering if i was going to see a lot of X-rays and Xylophone posts! LOL

  2. Oh I know what you mean about the ’80’s music. I have a deep affection for those long haired pretty boys and black leather! When you are online check out the 101 FM toolbar, they have a 80’s hairband station that I listen to all the time while I work.
    If I had good music in the car I’d probably go out a lot more than I do. I do love to crank it up and drive fast!

  3. oops I was wrong it’s 181 FM

  4. Julie Durr

    My daughter has recently started wanting to listen to the radio while we travel and I have found that I am beginning to enjoy it too. However, we don’t get very many stations so XM is looking like something we might have to think about.
    Visiting via Z to A Challenge

  5. I only get a taste of XM or Sirius when I’m in a rental…which is rare. I love the variety too!

  6. I vote that you (quietly) return every gift you get this year that doesn’t thrill you and put the proceeds in an XM radio fund. ;O)

    I’m blogging my way back from Z to A and my “X” post is right here.

  7. I don’t spend much time in the car so XM probably wouldn’t be a big deal for me. I can understand it being a necessity on road trips though. I hate dead spots when traveling.

    I’m hosting Z to A in May, but I’m blogging at: Ross County Roundup

  8. We just bought a minivan after years of using public transit. It’s been easy on our carbon footprint, but taking the Metro with four kids is like herding cats!

    I don’t even know if the van has XM, but I’ll tell you I sure did miss getting onto the highway and playing the radio! Hubby has the tuner set to our local classic rock station, and the kids actually complained the other night because Mama turned the music up too loud. Thank heavens for the fade function!