Recap: What I Learned About the A-Z Challenge

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1. I learned about other writers. I learned more about fellow bloggers through this challenge than I’ve learned on Facebook, speaking with them online or following their articles.

2. I learned that my peers are much more creative than am I. There are AMAZING writers out there and they are capable of writing to a variety of tasks and audiences. Their versatility is inspiring!

3. I learned there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes, you have to multitask where writing is concerned.

4. I learned that I’m not very good at dealing with rejection.

5. I learned that it’s ok to talk about personal things in a public forum.

6. I learned that spammers don’t give a darn how inappropriate or annoying their posts are. They probably work hard to be as irritating as possible, which one would think might work against them. So far, it doesn’t seem to slow them down.

7. This one surprised me: I learned that some people who follow you don’t like you. I try not to take it personally. See #4.

8. I learned that “X, Y, and Z” are highly underrepresented letters. There’s a reason for this.

9. I learned that the best bloggers know how to smoothly integrate fact and opinion. Too much of either one stinks.

10. I learned that I don’t like blogging as much as I thought I would… but I do like writing. It’s interesting that they aren’t necessarily the same thing.



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4 responses to “Recap: What I Learned About the A-Z Challenge

  1. So glad you joined us on the challenge, and hurray for a strong finish!

  2. Great recap. I agree with most of your points but am exactly opposite on #10. I like blogging more than I thought I would. I totally agree with the point that they are not necessarily the same, though.

  3. Sorry for the unintelligible comment, who said I was a writer?! What I meant was that I agree with your point that writing and blogging are not necessarily the same.

  4. I’d just like you to know that I think you can hold your own with anybody.

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