eXpletives — Please Keep Your Potty Mouth Away From My Kids

If there’s one thing that will encourage me to open my mouth to a stranger, it’s having them drop an “f”-bomb or some other verbal diarreah in front of my kids.

If it’s not bad enough that their nasty mouths are rude, they usually follow up their swearing by flipping me off afterwards. As a result, my 4-year old knows words she has NEVER heard from us, or on TV or the radio. She’s been in line next to someone who thinks he has every right to shriek, “What the f#ck was that sh!t about?” in front of my kids.

Here’s the thing: you do have a right. You can be a jerk if you want. You have a right to disrespect me and give my kids a wonderful new vocabulary. Your constitutional right to be a twit is protected. However, you aren’t protected from me, and I’m armed with a rather large vocabulary, a lack of diplomacy skills, and a wicked maternal instinct.

And I won’t hold back. I was a teacher. I am very skilled at correcting bad behavior while still being completely pleasant and not breaking rules.

So be aware, potty mouth. Be prepared. MamaBear is not impressed, and her children know the deal: you probably didn’t have a mother like me to lay down the rules. It’s OK. You can learn good behavior from the kids.



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8 responses to “eXpletives — Please Keep Your Potty Mouth Away From My Kids

  1. I absolutely love this part: “I am very skilled at correcting bad behavior while still being completely pleasant and not breaking rules.” I’m a teacher, and yes, that’s what we often do! And sometimes some (just some, certainly not all) parents need to be handled like kids.

  2. Dick

    There you go pissin’ in the porage again. Who are you to say people shouldn’t swear in front of your children? Oh yeah… you’re the mom. Guess you got this one right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sadly our social filters have eroded and sensibilities have been replaced with “sense of hillbillies.”

  3. RE: Comment by ‘Annoyed.’

    You said, “It is not your business how I speak or donโ€™t. ” I agree with you. Actually, the writer of the original post agreed with you too, and she said so right up front.

    People have a right to speak in any manner they choose. I just think that common sense dictates that adults use some discretion when they are within earshot of children–especially other people’s children. How we raise our own is our business, but in public places, I think that as decent people, we should give some consideration to the fact that other people may not draw the same lines that we do.

    I think that most of us do a certain amount of this automatically. I might tell my friends an off-color joke, but I wouldn’t tell it to my grandmother. I might swear in certain situations, but not at the daycare I own.

    You advised Mother Morgan “perhaps you should keep your children away from places that you as a parent know words like this will be used.” Now if she is sitting at a bar with her kids and is complaining about the language, I agree with you. But if she’s in line at WalMart, that’s another story.

  4. I don’t see what the big deal is about cursing. In public it’s going to happen and someone is going to say something you wish your kids didn’t hear. Just use it as a way to explain to your kids that you don’t allow that language. My son’s almost 12. He knows he’s not allowed to curse, so he doesn’t. Simple as that.

  5. I agree with you 100%… and where I live, I do an awful lot of correcting. I live in crowded Philadelphia where some people consider it a sport to fit in as many profanities as possible into a single sentence. Please use your brain and non-offensive vocabulary!

  6. Damnit Kimmy, there you go pissing people off again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Good points, I heartily agree with you. And to the Dick commenter I would like to say, I am a Hillbilly and my social filters work just fine.

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