Used Coffee Grounds — Good for Making Things Beautiful!

Bet you didn’t know that.  You may have known they were good for the garden.  But did you know you could use grounds to condition and even color your hair?  Were you aware that used coffee grounds are a fantastic cat repellent for those neighborhood toms who spray in your front yard?  And did you know that used coffee grounds work great to repair and camoflauge all of those little scratches in your wood furniture?

Well, it’s true.  Used coffee grounds do all of those things.  Better yet, even if you don’t drink coffee, you can get free used coffee grounds at your local Starbucks, where they usually keep them packaged and in a bin near the door.

If you’re interested in how to do all of these things, I have instructions listed here.  Drink up!



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4 responses to “Used Coffee Grounds — Good for Making Things Beautiful!

  1. I pick up the leftover grounds from Starbucks for my compost heap. I had no idea about using grounds for scratches in wood furniture. That’s great!

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  2. Hair color? Cool! (Not that I, um, have any gray to cover or anything…)

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  3. I had a friend who kept them by her kitchen sink. They are great to scrub dirt and grease of your hands too.

    Found you through the A to Z Challenge.

    Pamela Jo

  4. I’m going to mention the anti-cat benefits for flower beds to a friend; she’s never seen the tom cat, but oh, that odor he leaves behind!