Walt Disney World Unveils Restyled Haunted Mansion Ride Queue

Historically one of the most popular rides at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort, the Haunted Mansion has just received a makeover. The queue outside the ride, a new interactive must-see in itself, features an all-new graveyard scene and sculptures that showcase some of the best-known characters and storylines from the ride itself.

The idea was to extend the show riders experience within the attraction itself to those waiting outside. Thomas Smith, Social Media Director for the Parks, introduced the new features in his blog.

Eric Goodman, Show Producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, gives us a close-up view of the expanded graveyard scene and and a panorama of the River of Americas. The epitaphs on the tombstones, which have long been a favorite subject for Disney fans, are tributes to some of the Imagineers who helped with the ride. One such reads “Farewell Forever, Mr. Frees, Your Voice Will Carry on the Breeze.”

Find the rest of the details here.



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3 responses to “Walt Disney World Unveils Restyled Haunted Mansion Ride Queue

  1. Smart! Those lines can be looooong!

    My A-Z Blogging “Q” post is right here: http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/04/quest-for-quiet-quickie.html

  2. I went to Walt Disney World in Florida when I was a small child. I still remember it and I treasure the photos I have from that vacation. Someday I’d like to get back there to visit. Good post!

    (popping in from the a-z blogging challenge)

  3. I loved the historical romance story behind it. If only it could be turned into a book or movie~