I’m a “Noob” — Not to be Confused with “Boob”

Whether you spell it “newbie”, “noobie” or “noob”, I’m a relative newcomer to freelance writing.  This, by definition, means that I am required to ask at least a dozen stupid questions a day, and that other, more experienced hands are required to point out that the answer is, in fact, easily found THERE or there or there, and can instantaneously provide twelve hyperlinks.

It’s sad, I know.  I’ll get there eventually.

This isn’t to say that sometimes a Noob will ask a question that’s completely stupid, independent of their Noobie status, because stupid doesn’t discriminate and is hard to lose even with time.  It’s endemic to humans as a species, owing to the fact that some of us are genetically predisposed to inadequacy and may just be too stubborn to admit it.

I do it on a fairly regular basis.  It has endeared me to some, and reminded others why Facebook has a “hide all posts from this person” feature.

Ah, well.  As a relative blogging Noob, I have to figure out how to self-promote without spamming people.  This ought to be fun!



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8 responses to “I’m a “Noob” — Not to be Confused with “Boob”

  1. ROFL Too good! I love noobs myself. I love noob questions. :-p You’ve certainly endeared yourself to this fellow freelancer with your personality and humor. Keep the questions coming. One day you’ll be answering rather than asking.

  2. Yeah, I’m a Noob too. And maybe a Boob? I am a firm believer that there are no stupid questions (especially mine. jk!) Anyway, if you figure out how to self promote without seeming spammy, please let me know. That’s a tough one for me. BTW – I’ve never thought you were spammy.

  3. Derek Odom

    Haha, stupid doesn’t discriminate. Classic! Great post. 🙂

  4. I’m not hiding your Facebook posts.


  5. It’s always good to ask questions. That is what helps turn noobs into experts instead of noobs into boobs 🙂

  6. San

    I’m a relative newb too, Kim and I’m going on 9 months of being able to do this thing I love (writing/blogging/vlogging).

    I always say: there are no stupid questions, but a plethora of unanswered ones, simply because no one asked.

    You are doing so well as a “noob” that soon enough you’ll be answering them all 🙂

    Good for you. I do like your style 🙂

  7. The promotion/spam thing is a delicate balance and I don’t think anyone ever really knows where that line is until its crossed. Then you know, though. ;O)

    My “N” post is right here: http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/04/nanowrimo.html

    And you can find the “M” one here: http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/04/medical-marijuana.html