Coffee Cures All Ills – Science, Be Damned

I don’t care what the latest press says about coffee.  They maintain that coffee makes folks jittery and nervous.  Without it, I’m a nervous wreck — without it, I can’t sleep.  I keep some fresh-brewed Java on my bedside table and it helps send me to dreamland.  I should note that I’ve never required the use of sleeping aids.  Nasty habit, that.

A Livejournal user icon I made to celebrate the Joy of Java.

I can sometimes tell by the smell of the brew what variety is being prepared… it draws me in and bathes me in that wonderful rich smell that nothing can duplicate.  When I order a drink at Starbucks and they open the drive-through window to take my payment and hand over my drink, I can’t help but breathe as deeply as my seatbelt will allow.

Coffee may be sold in a number of varieties, the two most notable being “Crap You Serve at a Gas Station”, which is an unfortunate slap in the face to a coffee bean or anyone who pays for it, and “The Only Stuff Kim Will Drink”, which is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  It’s never crap. Never instant.  I pay good money for my drug of choice.

The people who have tried coffee and decided that they can’t stand it because it’s bitter are not drinking the right kind of coffee.   Why bother, if that’s all they’re doing?  If you drink wine, why bother with the cheapest, nasty vinegar with a wine label?  If the object is to get a coffee buzz, you might as well just chew beans and skip the styrofoam cup.  Consider it your bit for the environment.

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a toddler;  it’s true, just ask my mom.  I had my own little coffee cup with a unicorn prancing around, and there may have even been a rainbow.  They say it stunts your growth.  Good thing, too — I’m almost 6′ tall.

I don’t want to imagine what life would be like without the stuff my Grandma used to call “the food of the Gods” — she loved her coffee.  Everyone in my family does, including my kids.  Sorry to say that my husband has never acquired a taste for it, but it’s likely because his first experience with it was an unfortunate encounter with swill that someone called coffee but was actually used motor oil.  That’s how the cheap stuff tastes to me, anyhow.

Bury me with the beans of some Jamaican Blue Mountain, honey.  As long as I have some hot coffee nearby, I’ll feel alive.



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13 responses to “Coffee Cures All Ills – Science, Be Damned

  1. Reena Das

    Loving every moment of this… There’s something very classic about your blog! You got some taste, lady! 🙂

    I have always been a tea drinker, until lately hubby introduced me to Keurig. Life changed and for the first time coffee pods replaced tea leaves. And boy, am I glad. It’s exquisite and erotic! Well, I guess I should stop! 🙂

    • I used to drink tea in college because I couldn’t afford coffee — I got used to it pretty quickly. It’s amazing how comforting it is. Even when it’s hot outside, I can relax with a warm cuppa. 🙂

  2. I love decent coffee, but I can quite happily live without bad coffee. Bad coffee, like they serve in most offices, is just not worth drinking, and I am sure it rots the stomach lining or something. All it does is keep the caffeine withdrawal symptoms away I am sure. Give me just one cup of really good coffee at the weekend, and with my not having had any all week, it’s something to really look forward to – that and a bagel of course 🙂

  3. I don’t drink coffee everyday but boy do I love the smell of it! I feel like just the aroma of a good coffee can get me started right in the morning. And I love how you compare coffee to wine. You are so right there. Love your blog and will be stopping by again, for sure. 🙂

  4. I actually love the smell of coffee. Then I ruined it with a bunch of sugar and cream, lol. Maybe I just need to taste some good coffee.
    Social Science Medley

  5. Must have my coffee…. Great post as always!

    Popping in by way of the A-Z Challenge. I’m blogging at:

  6. I drink one cup a day. Maybe two. Funny thing is, I really don’t like coffee, but I like it when it’s drowned in some kind of caramel cream. Tastes just like one of those coffee candies. Yum! Here’s my “C” entry for the A-Z Challenge: (Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to use the HTML code.)

  7. This was very amusing 🙂
    “which is an unfortunate slap in the face to a coffee bean” LOL
    I’ve never developed a taste for coffee, though.
    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge! Nice to meet you.

  8. Amen, to that, Sister! I love coffee! I’m a coffee snob, I’ll admit, but in my own way. I love the coffee aisle places where I can make my own concoction. Like at Quick Check or Cumberland Farms. Cappuccino, hot choc, dark roast, with a splash of hazelnut creamer. 🙂

  9. Right there with you on the coffee thing. Caffeine is my friend.

  10. It was actually recommended to me to drink more coffee to prevent migraines. The only time I get migraines is on days when I haven’t had any coffee… It’s not EVERY day that I don’t have coffee, but the days when I do get them, it’s when I haven’t had any.

    I’d rather have the jitters and stinky pee than a migraine! 😀

  11. Oh my goodness, we MUST have been separated at birth! I could have written this post! I used to brew a pot of coffee to help me study during midterms, and I’d drink the entire thing and then take a nap!

    allison writes