Books Become Her, Undo Her

We all have vices.  Some of us swear or smoke or do any one of dozens of things that would earn us time in one of Dante’s 9 levels of h-e-double-hockey sticks.  My weakness, the object of my greed and much longing, is books.

I don’t just mean to say I like to read.  I’m insanely protective about my books.  I hoard them.  I take them with me on vacation, keep them in the car, read before bedtime and keep them with me while I’m waiting in line to get the kids.

Ask me what I want for Christmas, I’ll tell you: money for books.  If I see you in possession of a book you aren’t handling properly, I’ll say something.  When I’m at a bookstore, I become testy if I find a book that’s been improperly shelved.  If someone interrupts my reading time, they had better have a darn good reason for doing so (such as an axe murderer breaking into our home or sinkhole opening up near my favorite reading spot).

I love the way books make me feel, the way I can lose myself in a good read that doesn’t happen with most movies I see.   I dream about the books I read and I dream that I’m reading books.

This post is about someone with an addiction — the substance is the written word.  I admit it — it’s the first step, but I have no interest in recovery.  I’ll indulge my thirst for books like the glutton I am until I run out of things to read… and then, I’ll start over.

We all have vices.  Some of us swear or smoke.

I read.



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11 responses to “Books Become Her, Undo Her

  1. And you write. And you read what others write. And other writers read what you write.

    And the B goes on …

  2. 🙂 Growing up my house was part library. Now I have an e-reader to try and cut down on my collection. lol!

  3. Books are also my undoing. When I got my Droid for Christmas, I found it had a Kindle on it. While that will never replace actual books, it comes in handy when I find myself unexpectedly bored….

    I stopped by via the A to Z Blog Challenge. You can read my blogs at the following:

  4. I used to hoard books years ago, but over the years I have had to part with most of them, and aside from my eyesight worsening, which makes it harder to read, I just never seem to find the time these days. All my spare time is spend on the computer, writing, or corresponding with people.

  5. I used to hoard books too but I’ve moved around so much I had to cull them. I do love them though, I just trade them for more when I’m finished with a stack.

  6. My name is Shannon, and I’m a book-a-holic. I am exactly the same, down to always having a book on me (including books tucked into the car doors, just in case) and to asking for GC’s for book stores/Amazon for Christmas/my birthday.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!

  7. My wife has banned me from going to book stores alone or stopping by garage sales that have books available. I dont know what comes over me. I cant stop myslef. Once I went garage saling and came home with 37 books. I dont know how it happened.

    Once I get them in my library there is not parting from them. They are mine forever.

    I wonder if I can be buried with them…

  8. I love your post! This is exactly how I feel! I have books in every room of the house, bring one with me everywhere I go, and friendships have been broken over people who have damaged my books 🙂

    I am enjoying reading your posts and I’m going to follow!

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