Red Ink is Being Edited out of Papers and Classrooms

For many adults, red ink conjures two images: one of poor fiscal responsibility, and another, sometimes equally unpleasant memory, is corrected schoolwork, covered in red marks and accompanying comments.

Based on complaints from parents and influenced by recent studies and recommendations by school districts around the country, teachers are increasingly dispensing with their red pens in favor of other, less angry colors.

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3 responses to “Red Ink is Being Edited out of Papers and Classrooms

  1. I guess it’s all in how you take the color. For line edits I like the red. Easier to see and navigate through. That being said it can be taken as ugly but I think its all in how it’s conveyed.

    I’m co-host of the A-Z blogging challenge and wanted to stop in and say hello! You have a very fun blog! Should you have any questions just stop in and let us know!! I hope you stop by my blog to say hello! We are also having fun on twitter (you can find the link only blog)!

    • I used red pen because it did jump out — I suppose someone else might call it aggressive, but it could have just as easily been turquoise and I think it would have had the same impact either way.

      Going to check out your work right now! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  2. I always regarded the use of red ink as a bit of a stigma. No child wanted to see red ink marks all over their homework, therefore it was an incentive to work harder and to do better.

    It’s like getting a gold star for your work. Everyone wanted one of those, so it was worth puttng in the extra effort.

    Take away the red ink, and you take away part of the need to study and to be a good pupil. And before you ask – yes they should never have done away with the cane etc.