Confessions of a Paper Pusher: Why I Refuse to Yield to eBooks

I admit it, I’m slow to embrace change. While I use my cell phone every day, it’s about 4 years old and I don’t have a media plan. I have a laptop, but I’ve only had it for the past year and a half.  I  understand the use of various applications for both devices, and, should the need arise and the budget permit, would probably use them more frequently and with greater versatility than that with which I currently employ them.

However, if you told me today that I had just won a Nook (or eReader or Kindle, you get the idea), I’d accept it… and then consider the fastest way to unload it on the nearest eager recipient.

book love

There's more to my books than just the words on the pages.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Poor, misguided woman. If only she understood the joys of owning an eBook reader, she’d have her bookish nose in it right this instant.” Stop there.

Right there… perfect example of why this would never work for me. I can stick my nose in a book. I’m a bookish woman. I couldn’t stick my nose in a Kindle or a Nook without needing a screen wipe afterwards. I can’t see myself being described as “ebookish” — I don’t roll that way.

I know plenty of book nuts like me who can’t walk past a bookstore without having to fight a visceral urge to go hunting up and down its aisles. Unlike me, many of these same book nut friends own, and swear by, their eReaders.

“Kim,” they tell me, “it’s a life-changing experience. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.” The same could be said for certain infectious diseases, but I’m not going out of my way to get one of those, either.

Read the rest of my argument here. Blessed be the readers, and, boy, can they be divided.



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2 responses to “Confessions of a Paper Pusher: Why I Refuse to Yield to eBooks

  1. I love my iPod, I love my cell phone, I love my laptop, but I hate digital readers with a passion. There is nothing better than opening up a book (except maybe their delicious smell), and I refuse to abandon them for some shadow of their glory. I blame the corporations: they sell ebooks for half of what they sell the true copy for. In this economy, of course digital readings would skyrocket!

    I really want to own a bookstore when I retire… I’m just crossing my fingers that by then it won’t be some sort of antiques store.

  2. Evolve!! Embrace the winds of technological change!! 🙂
    You sound like my wife, she, the hoarder of tomes. I say to her that we could twice as many books as she has (and more) into a kindle (or similar) if we were to get one..think of the trees we could save!!
    One day maybe, but for now, each to their own 🙂
    Nice post.